MP3s: Back To The Abyss & Anti Matter - From 2011 album Artificial Divinity CD/LP on Fysisk Format.
Sol Blade & Battle Tactics - From 2009 album The Lost Age CD on Fysisk Format.
The Mirror & Red Stone - From the Electric Violence CD on Cock Rock Disco, 2006.
Moon level, Under Water level, Hell level - Written for the project Sonic VIsta in Stavanger 2008.
Chiptune 11 & Gore on the Floor - From Next Life´s debut output Red End in 2000. Here are two songs for those who missed it.
The Meat Office - A new recording of one of the tracks from Red End 7" .
VIDEO: Back to the Abyss - Official video, 2011
The Mirror - Live in Basel, 2009
Anti Matter - Live in St. Petersburg, 2012
Re-Animated - A clip from our 10 year birthday together with Lukestar in Oslo, 2010
Anti Matter - Resurrection skate video
To Run & Antarctic Blade - Live in Bratislava, 2009
Crystalline - Offiicial video, 2009
Antarctic Blade - Performed at Schouberger Gallery March 2006. (25,4 MB)
Tracks magazine (french version) featuring 3 band doing experimental metal, Sunn((O)), KILLL and us, broadcasted March 2008 on ARTE Television.