MP3s: The Mirror & Red Stone - From the Electric Violence CD out now on Cock Rock Disco. This record is distributed through Cargo UK and should be available at your local shop.
Moon level, Under Water level, Hell level - Written for the project Sonic VIsta in Stavanger 2008.
Chiptune 11 & Gore on the Floor - From Next Life´s debut output Red End in 2000. Here are two songs for those who missed it.
The Meat Office - A new recording of one of the tracks from Red End 7" . Not scheduled for any release! (2,4 MB)
Trond Jensen (2008-2009) - performer, sampes - PHOTO 2008-TDS (26,4 k)
Katrine Bølstad (2004-2006) - performer, voice - PHOTO 2006-K (1,3 MB)
Unn Fahlstrøm (2 shows during 2003) - video - PHOTO 2003-U (316 k)
Petter Snekkestad (1999-2000) - performer, synthesizer
VIDEO: Back to the Abyss - Official video, 2011
The Mirror - Live in Basel, 2009
Anti Matter - Live in St. Petersburg, 2012
Re-Animated - A clip from our 10 year birthday together with Lukestar in Oslo, 2010
Anti Matter - Resurrection skate video
To Run & Antarctic Blade - Live in Bratislava, 2009
Crystalline - Offiicial video, 2009
Antarctic Blade - Performed at Schouberger Gallery March 2006. (25,4 MB)
Beoynd The Spirits - Kung fu adventure by Dwarf-Tek Inc. for PC/MAC. This is a trailer with Next Life track The Mirror. (12,5 MB)
Metal Slug - They decided to use Red Stone for the trailer for this legendary 2D Shoot ´em up game. (7,5 MB)

2004 Video - Two songs from our show at Random System Festival, and one from Pip Show 7 in Oslo 2004. Line-up: Hai Nguyen Dinh on the guitar & Tormod Christensen on the Casio. (42 MB)

Tracks magazine (french version) featuring 3 band doing experimental metal, Sunn((O)), KILLL and us, broadcasted March 2008 on ARTE Television.