Are Mokkelbost Ou great friend and the dude who did the coverart for Electric Violence and The Lost Age, and Artificial Divinity. Check out his projects Single Unit, KILLL and ARM.
Laconic Zero C64 bass-core run by our great friend Trond Jensen.
No Place To Hide High class metal from Tønsberg, Norway. 
Fysisk Format The label that released The Lost Age (2009), Resurrection EP (2010) and Artificial Divinity (2011), run by the legendary record-shop Tiger in Oslo/Norway in which Next Life spent much time and money as children.
Norwegianism Great label for hard experimental music. They released our Year Of The Metal Monkey Demo (2012) in 50 pieces
Cock Rock Disco The label that released Electric Violence. Run by Jason Forrest, aka JF/DS, aka Donna Summer.
Skin Graft Wonderful label and home to unique bands such as Zeni Geva and Dazzling Killmen.
Planet Rock A management in Berlin that we owe alot to.
Zophars Domain Site with a lot of console music and plugins for each filetype.
High Voltage SID Final stop for C64 SID-soundtracks.